Eccletiche Visioni

Eccletiche Visioni even sounds hot. Well, it is. Some of my most favorite elements of the best in Italian artistic and stylistic taste were never more in evidence than in this handsome blog. Even the first page reeks of an insight into all of the elements male beauty. I so often detect a love of "Classical Lines and Form" which stem from my serious biases resulting form experiencing Michelangelo's work close up. I suspect it's a fault, but going a bit wild over this really entertaining and seriously interesting photographic blog - as stupidly personal as it may be - just seems perfectly in place in even an objective world. It has the added asset, by the way, of being very user-friendly. Clicking on an image can take you to equally-hot pictures of the same model in other fab poses or they will escort you to an equally-promising blog, written by a compatriot of equal appreciation of males. Make no mistake, the entire effort behind the blog is to expose what is most beautiful about males - and sometimes not just their bodies. But enough to keep me happy! And more. This is an intelligent, gorgeous work of blogging art by a very apt talent to the concept of blogging. The pictures are never disappointing - it's pretty much an experience of going from one mouth-watering wonder to the next. This is truly exceptional blog, loaded with class and gorgeous men. With tons of each.

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