Ebony Thugs Fuck Each Other Raw

Raw Rods had been chasing up Remy Mars for some time and finally got the chance to put him in one of their videos. They met up with him in Philly and introduced him to Manny. Right from the get-go these two ebony fuckers were hungry for each other's thick black dicks. Exchanging blowjobs, grinding out a hot 69 session - the whole nine yards. Like most horned up black hunks will do, after the cocks have been thoroughly sucked on and are engorged to full erection, they proceed to switch back and forth in fuck positions - completely raw and bareback too. It seems whenever the moment suits them, one takes his big cock and shoves into the other's black ass. Then when the bottom wants some ass instead of his own being taken, he jumps up and does the fucking. Talk about a versatile pairing! And both with big dark rods that never go down!

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