Mark and Drew are two horny amateurs from English Lads who were just aching to do a porn movie. From the moment they were introduced, there was a lot of heat between these two guys - they couldn't wait to get their hands on each other! Once they have their shirts off, the guys kiss passionately, touching their lips and tongues together the heat between them explodes. When Mark unzips his pants, Drew pulls Mark's rod out and it's already hard - very hard - just the way he wants it!

What is more of a turnon than when two guys first see each others' cocks? Mark has plenty of foreskin and Drew's rod is hard and shiny and ready for some action!


Mark can't wait to get every throbbing inch of Drew's big black dick inside his hungry hole, and he sits on top of it, eagerly lowering himself till the entire shaft is buried in his tight asshole.


There's nothing like two versatile guys! The guys aren't done till they've both gotten their asses stretched out. Drew and Mark do a flip flop so that now Mark's fucking Drew and you can see how much Drew loves getting his hole pounded!


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