NEW YORK STRAIGHT MEN had no idea what would happen when they decided to couple Bobby and serious Puerto Rican hunk Fernando together. Of course, once Bobby saw Fernando's huge cock, the rest was all chemical. I mean, what hungry cocksucker wouldn't get down on their knees for this sizzlingly spicy Latino? I know I would! Here's a four pic gallery for you all to see how much Bobby loves Fernando's cum.


Bobby has had more than enough experience in fellatio to not have a problem opening up his throat to accommodate a fat 8 inch cock. Check out Fernando's big balls as they hang over his scrotum! Fuck that is so HOT!!


Here we get the side view of Bobby savouring his Latin stud's tool. Fernando certainly looks as though he's thoroughly enjoying himself. The look on his face is pretty tell-tale. I love the tans on these guys. Bronze, lean and hung make for some pretty attractive studs, wouldn't you say?


Mmmmm...good to the last drop. I'm a serious cum lover myself. I never waste the stuff, even my own. LOL. NEW YORK STRAIGHT MEN has an unlimited amount of men just like Bobby and Fernando. Image after image, movie after movie of hardcore sizzling men with big cocks doing everything they can to one another. Do yourself a huge favour and head on over there.

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