East Village Boys

East Village Boys is a delightful, stylish and quite purposefully rebellious blog, loaded with enough eroticism to intrigue anyone interested in their term - "cock culture" - yet also plain gorgeous and well worth a look simply for artistic reasons. This is an intriguing site, full of intelligence and wit. It has the additional feature of having a confessional sort of vibe, which seeks something common in its readers and to which they respond in equally interesting ways. A couple of features here are truly fascinating. For example, the "Reader's Lives" section offers an opening to contributors who want to share their own art with readers of this blog. What is truly good about this is that the authors of the blog thereby feature absolute unknown artists, most of whom really deserve at least some applause for not only their effort, but also for the products. There is an overall sensitivity to this blog that captures a reader. They are definitely rather fearless, but they also form an excellent jury regarding taste. I assume much of this is natural and some of it stems from training, but the sweep of their interests I find very involving and focusing. These are some smart guys with a message. Figuring out that message is a great exercise for everyone. Really cool blog and well worth spending some time in.

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