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You may have heard that Corbin Fisher and Bel Ami have joined forces. Not in a corporate takeover kind of way, but more like: How about we get together and let our guys fuck. When Corbin Fisher headed to Europe, Zeke was one of the guys he took along. Zeke has a great bod and big dick, so he was a no brainer. Since arriving at Corbin Fisher, Zeke has discovered that his ass hole is a great source of pleasure. That's a good thing because Bel Ami's Brandon Manilow loves rimming and fucking a guy's ass. And I loved watching these two fuck. Zeke is normally pretty quiet during his sex scenes, but with Brandon, he couldn't help but ask Brandon to fuck him harder as Brandon's big uncut dick slid in and out of him. Those grunts and moans of "Harder!" and "Just like that!" were a real turn-on. The guys fuck in a number of positions on the couch (my favourite was Zeke riding Brandon's big pole). But in the final moments of this scene, Zeke is bent over the sofa and Brandon is plowing his hole. "Fuck me harder!" Zeke begs, and then, he sprays his load all over the place. This sends Brandon over the edge and he gives Zeke a Czech boy facial.

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