Seems like lately every other site claims their movies are DVD Quality. These claims are generally made with lots of explamation points or in bold type that stands out on the page. Yet when you check out the trailers or join these sites, the video doesn't seem to be any better than any other sites' vids. It's gotta make you wonder - does this mean you're missing something? Are the sites lying or perhaps do they not know what DVD quality is? I realized that when I see the words DVD Quality on a site tour, it's now one of those things I immediately disbelieve, but it's so common I don't even feel like it's a lie - more like very basic inflated marketing. And then I joined a site that actually has DVD quality videos, so I started asking webmasters why their sites claimed to all us porn surfers that their sites had DVD quality. The answers sometimes surprised me - read on!

First I asked a couple guys I know who own their own programs. Both of them use the same very expensive site designer, and the site designer put DVD Quality on their tours. Neither of them had really thought about it - they're the kind of guys who figure the tours aren't their business. Their videos in both cases are okay - sort of average porn quality. I actually talked to several more people whose designers were the ones who decided to go with this, and so I talked to the designers. They felt that offering DVD quality videos was a selling point and when I asked "Wouldn't that frustrate the members when they discovered the site doesn't have the movie quality promised on the tours?", the designers just had never thought about that.

I also talked to some site owners who felt the same as the designers. They felt that claiming such high quality movies would lead to more sales. When asked about member satisfaction, they hadn't really considered it and hoped their videos were good enough quality that no one would be disappointed.

And then there was the third group. They had no idea that DVD Quality actually meant anything at all and felt their videos were good quality. In each case, although they were good they weren't as sharp and clear as watching a DVD. What's more, DVDs have a bitrate of between 3000k and 8000k, and the reason they look sharper than most web video is because the bitrate is the amount of data that transfers per second. More data means more detail in the videos. Usually the sites owned by these guys had video between 700k and 1100k - not bad at all, but definitely not DVD Quality.

I don't think I've seen a gay site with true DVD quality vids, although I have seen a couple straight sites, so hopefully soon we'll be seeing them on our end. In the meantime, if you're interested in joining a site, if it has a trailer, be sure and watch it to get an idea of their video quality. Hopefully soon we'll be seeing more sharp, clear videos but for now only the HD sites and a few sites like Gay Video Box come close.

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