Dusty's Incredible Foreskin

Ok, so Cruiser Boys straight hottie Dusty is handsome for sure, and his lean body is a wonderful thing to ogle at. However, I have to confess that as soon as I opened up his picture folder it was his incredible uncut cock that jumped right out at me. I mean, we're talking serious foreskin here folks. Even when fully erect Dusty's cock head is all but hidden, the piss hole barely being revealed. If you're anything like me, as soon as you saw Dusty's tasty man meat your heartbeat speed up, your mouth started watering, and most likely your own cock got as hard as mine did. Indeed, a rare treasure such as Dusty's unsnipped schlong will usually trigger that kind of reaction in just about anyone. This sexy straight guy also give us some great shots of this taut ass and spread butthole, as well.

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