Daddy uses dildo on twink

When cute twink Dustin Reeves went to a trip to Florida to visit Daddy Mugs, he didn't know what was in store for him. Turns out Dustin wasn't very careful about keeping his sex toys put away, and while his host was cleaning up the place, he found one. Off the bat, Dustin was in no position to explain so he had to give up some of his tight hole in exchange. Just before Mugs took him through the ringer, he put Dustin on the kitchen counter and pleasurably polished his cock to rock hard perfection.

Dustin moaned in sheer delight as he got his perky asshole poked with his own dildo. The inches of this sex toy disappeared inside Dustin's hungry twink spot over and over again, and Dustin's face was a pleasure to watch as he made no secret to just how much he enjoyed getting it. Dustin stroked his cock as well as it got harder and harder. Dustin and Daddy Mugs make a cute picture with Dustin's long, lean legs and piping hot cock. It's good to see Dustin getting exactly what he deserves!

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