Dungeon Play

Leather alpha-daddy Paul Stag loves playing his in dungeon. In this Hot Older Male session, Stag is paired up with sub-boy Denny Taylor. And Stag sure lets this hairy boy know who is in charge. Stag secures Taylor to a St. Andrew's cross and kisses his boy deeply. Stag starts working Denny's nipples, nibbling and sucking on them. The hot leather daddy ramps things up quite a bit when he lights a cigar and gets Denny's nipples good and hot. Then Stag brings out the flogger and works over Denny - front and back - until he's glowing red. But my favourite part of this dungeon play session is when Stag throws Denny in a heavy-duty dog cage. With his dick sticking through the bars, Stags gets his hard bone serviced by this hungry cock sucker. Stag even orders Denny to bend over and bones him right through the bars! Now that's hot!

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