Duncan Roy

You may know of Duncan Roy, you may not, but he's a British born film director, producer, scriptwriter and TV personality with his own blog. He's won several awards including a BAFTA, and has been involved in at least six notable movies. But on his blog you get a sense for the real guy, the actual man. It's a big, long, simple blog with fun and interesting texts, posts and links, and it is peppered with photos, too. Now in Hollywood, Duncan lets us into his private life in the hills, his sex addiction therapy, and gives up to date news on what's going on in his life. A life that takes in the Hollywood A list (he dishes the gossip out without a care in the world), and a life that also takes in his thoughts on movies, the garden, the landscape, and L.A. life in general. Whether you know of Duncan or not, this is a great insight into life in and around Tinsel Town!

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