Hey, it's the latest craze. It's dueling guys who look like this. What's this? It's this. Exactly this. And it also has to do with how they stand. How they accentuate their I don't know whats and their holy hell look at that. When you play dueling guys who look like this, everyone is a winner, especially you.

Do we all have a sexual doppelganger somewhere? And does that make us less special if we do? I don't think so. But it does make me want to create a service for people to find their sexual doppelgangers. I guess it could be called Doppelgangr. Just drop that last vowel before the final r and that's what makes it an app. Because vowels are dumb.

Now I recognize these guys aren't in a fight of any kind, but hopefully they'll see this and will be.

P.S. I'm the guy on the left. I mean the right. I mean neither. Still on the lookout for my sexual doppelganger. I think maybe it's Adrien Brody. Or David Copperfield. Or Zac Efron. Or Yaphet Koto. One of those guys for sure. Definitely.

dueling guys

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