Dudetube is a hot tube site giving up remarkable videos. quick and nasty in a "youtube" sort of format. Surrounded by galleries which preview the activity in the vids, this hot site draws from the best and hottest gay stuff being made. It sticks to the "Corbin Fisher/RandyBlue" crowd, among others, if you get my drift, but the niche is rich as hell and decidedly fucking hot. There is also some excellent "classic" stuff from earlier gay eras - the 70's and '80's - so it is hardly one dimensional. This is a handy and very neat site for a surfer looking to get off. Raunchy, raw, hot sex is delivered up, with cum shots, masturbating, cock sucking, rimming, ass-fucking and more scrolling across the screen in trailers that will tighten up the most reluctant cock. This one is honestly hard to get away from at times - it's simply all so handy and so "right there". It doesn't stop, either. It is updated regularly and the archives are juicy as hell and pretty damned loaded with content. You could enjoy some time here, believe me. This one is hot. These are some appealing men, scenes and situations, and all are just waiting.

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