Just type in "gay personals" into Google and I'm sure you'll fast find out how many gay personals sites there is out there. Thus, I'm very particular about these kinds of sites when I'm cruising for guys. As I'm sure you are. DudesNude is one of the best without a doubt. What I like about it the most is that a lot of the guys are 45 years old and up. I really dig my Daddys and this site sure has it's fair share. The layout is very nice and loads fast. Like most personals resources, most things are free, however, you're not prompted constantly or emailed all the time reminding you to give them money in order to have this and that. I've been a member for almost six months and have had a great time on chat many times. I've made some good friends and had some pretty erotic interaction as well. So if you're looking for another site to cruise for guys in your area, DudesNude may just be what the doctor ordered. Give it a shot.

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