Dudes In Flip Flops

You will be surprised how many images there are out there on the web of Dudes In Flip Flops. Or wearing 'thongs', as the Australians call them. And not only are there lots of pics of men in this kind of footwear but, more importantly, there are lots of photos of sexy men wearing them, and it is these that make it to this blog. We're told it was set up as a joke. A couple of friends must have had a bet that there was no way one could find images of horny guys in flips, and this is the result. Loads of pics of just that.

Actually, he does push the boundary a little as I saw some pics of men in sandals, but that's ok. The quality of the other hunks and twinks, preppies and college boys he finds means we can allow him that. There are models, too, with shots taken from adverts or from the catwalk, but a lot of the time you are looking at nakedness, lovely stripped men in very little but rubber footwear, and the occasional leather. Whether the footwear does it for you or not, some of these guys certainly will.

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