Dudes Exposed

Dudes Exposed is one of those self-submit, self-exposed blogs that I like to come back to on a regular basis. You never know who you are going to see! I swear I saw a neighbour on here once, but I didn't completely recognise him without his clothes on. And that's what this free blog is all about: guys showing themselves naked. Not always hard, which is nice to see as a flaccid cock is just as sexy, but always amateur and home-shot. Well, actually, not always amateur. As you click back through the pages always looking for that next hot dude, you find some clips and pics, some gifs and animations that are pulled from studio shot scenes. But not to worry, they only enhance what is a thumping good collection of amateur guys from all around the world. The blog is constantly updated, you can join in with comments and a poll, and even submit your own pics. Let me know if you do and I'll have a look out for you, neighbour.

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