Dude Flesh is an absolute discovery. This is a red fucking hot blog. The author asks for self-submitted pictures of his various themes such as "Dudes in Hats", or "Dudes @ Work" or "Beefy Dudes" and here's the bottom line: he gets them. He gets lots of some incredibly hot pictures from guys who volunteer them. Taken from iPhones, from web cams or their own cameras, these "dudes" are eye candy supreme, ranging from red hot to much, much hotter. His series on "Military Dudes" is striking. These are dudes who are just plain good to look at, doing all sorts of stuff, from horseplay and rambunctious roughhousing in the barracks to posing beside a tank, aimed directly at the camera. Obviously popular, this blog takes off and carries the amateur ball farther than any blog I have yet seen. His choices and tastes are very good, replete with "dudes" - hard to call them anything else now - in every conceivable walk of life and in postures you definitely need to check out. This is a killer blog, loaded with exactly what we all look for, in tasteful and completely erotic style.

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