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Gay porn star Lucas Knowles and Bentley Race have been exchanging e-mails for a while now. And when the well-hung, Polish stud eventually made his way to Australia, the two agreed to meet up and do some filming. One of Bentley Race's mates, Aaron, really wanted to hook up with Lucas Knowles, so BR agreed to arrange it as long as he could bring his camera along.

Lucas and Aaron met up on the street and Aaron poured on his Aussie charm and the two headed off to Bentley Race's apartment so the guys could get better acquainted. Lucas is much bigger in person. He's a tall guy, solid, beefy, and he's packing a hefty Polish cock in his jeans. His dick is meaty and thick and uncut. Aaron loves getting fucked, so he was looking forward to a hot, horny session with Knowles' big dick. The guys started off played a bit in the shower and Aaron got down on his knees and slid that Polish sausage down his throat.

Then, back in the bedroom, Aaron services Lucas some more, getting his big dick rock hard and ready for fucking. Down on all fours with his ass in the air, Aaron braced himself as Lucas lined up his juicy cock head against Aaron's puckered rosebud. Once Aaron's ass got used to the size of Lucas' dick, the Polish stud thrust hard and deep in an anal assault that is one of the hottest I've seen on this Aussie porn site. Aaron moaned and groaned as Lucas energetically pounded his hole. Aaron didn't want this ass pounding to end, but eventually Lucas neared his breaking point and pulled out; he stood up on the bed and showered Aaron with his creamy load of spunk. While Aaron could have gone on a lot longer, at least he'll have this hot Bentley Race video to remind himself of this steamy drilling session with Lucas.

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