"Dreams In A Backwater represents one man's attempt to create a work of literature out of the raw materials of his own life. That is to say, it was a work written more or less as it was being lived, the guiding principle having been that the examination of one's life is the most important task any individual can undertake." Well said. This is a nice looking site. The theme is warm and invites you in like a friendly old lady on a rainy night with a cup of tea in her hand for you. The stories are no less inviting. Told in nothing short of sheer professionalism, they will tug at your heart and perhaps inspire you to look inside your own soul a little deeper for what you may really be looking for. Some of the tales lead to some sweet love making and erotica. Your author is no prude that's for sure. But this site is not a portal for hardcore gay raunch fuck stories. It's good literature brought to you from a good author. Nothing more. Nothing less. A must read it you consider yourself a bit a bookwarm. And just so you know, the colour scheme is very easy on the eyes. Have fun.

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