Have you ever looked at the various search engines, and when searching for your site, to sort of you know, get off over, notice just how many sites are being shown as being relevant to your search?

For example, 'gay sex' will show 22 Million pages on the Internet that have something to do with those words. Like if only there really were 22 million of us, man would that be an interesting voter block, don't you think? Now how about if you like your men hairy?

Suddenly you get to choose from about a half million pages. Now I don't know, but what, 21 and a half million of those gay sex pages are just about smooth bodied guys? I mean come on, surely there are a lot more than that, but hey, the Search Engines spend a bundle on making sure they only return the right pages to your questions, right?

I guess it is like going through the yellow pages, only there are a lot more pages in an Internet Search than in the old yellow pages books. Point is, do they or the site owners even know what they are selling?

Then again, do we even know what we are really looking for? Like just what is it that you want to see? Do you make a list, then go through all the directories and search engines using the advanced search features to find that 'perfect' site, that has what you want? Of course, that assumes you know what you want, but do you?

I used to think that twinks were the end all, but then just what is a twink? Is it that perfect slender body, long hair, and creamy skin of some eighteen to twenty two year old, or is it simply someone a good decade or two younger than me?

Now I can certain factors, like well they have to be a Top, or have to be a Bottom, or a dick that is at least eight inches long, or is uncut. Those are preferences, but what about the look? How do you qualify it, and when you do, are you perhaps ignoring other possibilities simply because, well, you aren't adventurous enough?

When you close your eyes, just what do you conjure up in that perfect guy? Is it big feet, a thick or thin dick? How about if its circumcised or has a nice floppy bit of foreskin? Does it matter if they have red hair or blue? Seriously, when you have those eyes shut tight, as your hand is flying along your dick, what images are flashing across your mind? Is it that tip of a cock spurting out some sticky salty cum or is it a pair of hands pushing some faded jeans down a lanky body?

I mean should it matter if the guy is forty or twenty? If they have the right equipment, the right feature that you think about, should it matter?

Apparently it does, but I wonder, do we really search for what we want, or of what we think or have been conditioned to think, we want? Is the popularity of twink sites really due to so many of us wanting to be with some eighteen year old, or is it that we want to experience what we perceive only someone that age has? Have we been conditioned to believe that wild sex is something only they can do? 'Cuz you know, I have seen some guys who are lot older, out last, outperform, any twenty year old. Not only that, they are a lot more imaginative in the sex technique, so I wonder, do we bother to look for the guys in our dreams, or for the guys we think we dream about?

Can you recall the details of that guy you had flashing across your mind, while you stroked your dick?

After all, isn't the whole porn industry really about fantasy? Isn't it about thinking of someone or of doing something, that you might want to do, but will never have the opportunity to do? Isn't the sites we visit, more about chasing that dream of perfection, than about who we really have sex with?

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