There are some guys that you meet and you just think "yeah, he's hot". Then there are few others that you meet and you instantly get jizz in your pants. Well, I think uber porn hottie Donato Reyes most deffo falls under the 2nd category.

Last week I told all about The Hookies and how I had a chance to have a chat with this hunk and then we talked more & more and I not only did we have a laugh but I mini-interviewed him about his life and what he had coming up this year.

Donato Reyes StagHomme

Donato originally comes from the Canary Islands but he currently lives in Madird Spain. He told me that ever since he watched his first porn flick he dreamed about becoming a pornstar himself but thought that he didn't really have that 'porno look'. Boy, was he wrong! Donato decided to dip his cock into the porno-pool and sent in some pics to legendary porn studio Kristen Bjorn. They liked what they saw (how could they not!) and he released his first flick "JAGGED MOUNTAIN" in late 2011.

Of course, once that flick came out studios were calling him non-stop to work with his hot ass. He's since worked with Men, Men At Play, Stag Homme and Lucas Entertainment. Donato does not consider himself a "star" just yet. He plans to work more and more to get him to that level that he's dreamed of.

Donato reyes men

I'm sure you all horny hungry HOMOS cannot wait to see what Donato has in store for this year. He is shooting a lot more with Lucas Entertainment and he hopes to shoot with the porn icon himself, Michael Lucas. So you're just gonna have to wait and see if his dream will cum true.

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