I am all for working what yo' mama gave ya and adding to it by working out, getting a tan (a fake one, of course) and/or getting a rocking hair cut. But I don't get it when some guys try to fight the hotness by doing strange things to their hair.

Case in point: Draven Torres. This tattooed hunk has a rough and ready attitude that is very sexy; however, dying his hair a bizzaro red color is not. I mean, I get that he is trying to go for that "bad boy" look but this is one hair color that not even Rihanna would touch! I much prefer to see this studly dude with his own dark hair. Thankfully, in this case the curtains deffo do not match the carpet! Could you imagine the crotch travesty that would be?


So, are you guys feelin' this new hair or do you think Mr.Torres should stop fucking around with his 'do and just stick to fucking around with hot guys? You decide, but I know what my choice is!

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