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Trey has been fucked plenty of times on Corbin Fisher, but he's never been double penetrated before. Dawson has done more than his fair share of fucking on Corbin Fisher and he's certainly been in a lot of threesome sex scenes. So he enlisted the help Ethan, a hot, dark-haired stud, to tag team Trey and fulfill his fantasy of stuffing two dicks up his ass.

Dawson and Ethan kiss Trey all over his body from both sides. While Dawson kisses Trey's dick and then sucks it, Ethan licks Trey's nipples and shoves his cock in Trey's mouth. Both Dawson and Ethan then move to either side of Trey's head and give him a foreshadowing of the double penetration to come. Trey goes back and forth sucking their long cocks, separately and then together.

Ethan starts teasing Trey's wet hole with his hard cock, warming him up and stretching him out. Meanwhile Trey is feasting on Dawson's smooth butt hole. Ethan doesn't let up and pounds Trey's fuck hole, getting him ready for big dicks. Once Ethan is planted deep inside Trey's ass, Dawson squeezes his big dick inside Trey. "Oh my God!" Trey moans loudly. "That is two dicks in my ass!" he yells, grinning proudly.

Dawson fucks Trey from behind as Ethan thrusts into Trey from below. Trey can't take these two dicks for long, so Ethan pulls out and Dawson's rams Trey's ass solo. Ethan blasts his load into Trey's mouth and Trey shoots his own load all over the bed. Dawson follows up the rear, cumming all over Trey's back. This threesome sex scene is definitely a keeper.

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