Ever wonder who comes up with some of the words used to describe certain sexual acts? I mean seriously, like how in the hell did they come up with the term Prince Albert to describe the piercing of one's penis?

Like way back when, was there a Prince named Albert who had a fetish for sticking tiny metal rods through his penis? I mean like come on here, surely they could have come up with something more meaningful, like maybe Poking Penis Holes? Or something that reflected more of what was being done?

There is some crazy stuff out there, like creampie. Now I like cream pies, but not quite the way the word seems to mean. Nor does it really apply to the gay lifestyle, though some seem to find it acceptable.

Now perhaps one of the more shocking words that many seemed to object to is the word 'gays' and how it somehow degrades Homosexuals. Now that one kind of got me, because I really don't see how that particular word has become offensive.

While it used to mean 'happy' and the entire homosexual movement seemed to have adopted it to also mean us, I kind of like it. I mean to think of us as being happy is kind of nice, and also bittersweet too. It is a play on the original meaning, because being Gay isn't always about being happy, about being care free. So it can be a double meaning, can be more palatable than say Faggot, or Queer, or Pansy. Yet some are taking this political correctness a bit too far I think, when they object to the word Gay as meaning a homosexual.

Like take the words Corporal Punishment. Now today it seems to mean minor disciplinary action, such as a paddling of one's bottom, but I wonder, how did they come up with that term for it? Was it perhaps a term coined for when a Corporal in the Army screwed up, got his bare bottom whacked, that it took to mean anyone who got spanked?

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