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Story lines in gay porn videos can often be funny, even bordering on the ridiculous. In this Men at Play video, businessman Issac Jones checks into his hotel room. He's had a long flight and just wants to relax for a bit. As he's resting on the bed, a naked Adrian Toledo walks out of the bathroom. Now, I've stayed in a lot of hotels in my day, but this has never happened to me - I would have loved to have found myself in this situation.

Issac and Adrian argue about who is entitled to the room, and when they call down to the front desk, they discover the room has been double booked and there aren't any more rooms available. These two men have no choice but to share the room.

They try settling in and getting some sleep, but Issac can't fall asleep with such a hot man lying next to him. Issac's hands begin to wander. He rubs Adrian's muscular back and his hands crawl down to Adrian's hard ass. Adrian finally wakes up and a hot suck and fuck session gets underway. Issac rides Adrian's big, stiff cock and by the end of it, Adrian's ripped torso is covered in two juicy cum loads. I just have one question: Where is this hotel and how do I get a room? I guess that was two questions!

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