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D.O. is one hot stud with tons of sex appeal, and he knows how to work the camera! He was a fashion model and now this Raging Stallion exclusive is setting the gay porn world a fire with his rugged good looks, hard as a rock, and and his hair! Yes, you heard me right, his hair!

D.O likes to get his hair done, and we have seen it curly and windswept and - of course - poker straight! I seriously think this hunk is so hot that he looks good with any kind of hairstyle, but the truth of the matter is that I prefer him with short cropped hair. There is something about short hair on D.O. that just shows us how gorgeous this fella truly is!


D.O.'s popularity is on the rise; currently he is a Raging Stallion model and has shot loads of deliciously sexy scenes - there is no stopping this stud form Argentina. I just want to see more of him at all times! Have a look at D.O.'s fashion pics with photographer Mattheus Lian over at YVY Mag, they are beyond HOT!

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