The dawgs are back in town for Dorm Dawgs: College Jock Cum Slingers. High Drive Productions and director Brady Mayo present a pack of newbie twink porn stars who appear to be learning their trade. Junior McGee may be the worst porn actor ever, but he does manage to get it up and in to cutie Trevor Edge (who admits in his post-shoot interview that he was having a lot of sex in real life so he figured he might as well get into porn!). Their duo (above) features spanking, split-screen sucking, slow-motion pop shots and a pair of manly pink undies. Both young bucks pop a gusher's worth of cum, so who cares if they'll never win an Oscar!? A bit better is lanky Clinton Radford, who is surprised when roomie Skyler Rodriguez interrupts his jacking session but is glad when he offers to lend a hand and a mouth (below). Together, they suck and fuck and produce more massive amounts of jizz. Ah, youth! Junior and Trevor return for a pillow fight with a slap-happy Chulo Garcia, and Clinton also hooks up with Chulo after losing a game of pool. There's a solo from goofy teenager Cooper Smith, and DVD extras include model interviews, behind-the scenes footage and a cum shot gallery. One thing's for sure: These dawgs know how to spew! For more information, visit



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