Was watching a nice little porn flick the other night, and the wife commented on how cool it was to watch this one hot little stud, shoot his load over his shoulder. Seriously, the guy was pounding his dick and then suddenly his whole body went rigid, his face constricted and you could hear his heavy breathing quicken, then wham, this stream of cum went flying from between his clenched fist, all the way past his shoulder.

Least the slow motion replay that was run right after helped confirm it, which I thought was rather thoughtful of the producers.

I mean nothing like seeing jizz flying through the air, in all its tasty globular form, and seeing the shaking body underneath, as the muscles uncoil. Each detail captured frame by frame.

Now, not every cum scene should be repeated, even in regular speed, given that you can tell its phony. Then too, there is the 'blink once' and suddenly you are watching two new porn stars kissing, or undressing.

It is really rather puzzling at times, to wonder about the thought process of these video producers, who will spend an inordinate amount of time building up to the ejaculation moment, then quickly pass over it.

Seriously, most video scenes are what, fifteen to twenty minutes long and yet if you compared the cum scene, it is usually less than a minute. Now I don't know, but if you are going to spend five minutes shooting a guy's fist going up and down a cock, catching it from different angles, shouldn't the same care be taken in showing the result of such heavy handed action?

Like when the wife jacks off, sure he spends a lot of time working that uncut dick of his, but he also takes a bit of time enjoying the fruits of his labor. I know too, that when he is jacking off, he rewinds that blasted thirty second cum shot a dozen or so times, while struggling to whack off.

Now granted, most people don't shoot gallons of cum, unless they are faking it, but still today's technology should allow the editor a way to capture the moment, and stretch it out, or replay it, so that viewers get their money's worth. Like who rents a porn video, to just watch guys bob their head up and down for ten minutes.

We all like to see the cum, to see how it splatters across the belly, to maybe strike up by the neck, or fly across the chin. After all, it is the tasty part of sex, and yet many video producers seem to just pass over it, like it was an afterthought.

Granted, some do show you a bit after, like a shot of the drops of cum pooled up on the belly, but I don't know, it sort of comes across as, well, unimportant. Now I don't know about you, but when the wife has cum all over his skinny body, I do enjoy running my hand over it, and rather enjoy the feel of his body, as it still trembles from his orgasm.

Now why don't porn producers catch that type of action, before they cut to new actors? I mean this is about fantasy, but surely a fantasy isn't over in just a few minutes? Like do you really just suddenly wash up and get dressed, after you have spent some time to jack off all over yourself? Don't you sort of lay there, enjoying the glow a bit?

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