Don't Be Mean To Jake Genesis

Hottie new-cummer Jake Genesis has just started out in porn working with studios like MenAtPlay and KristenBjorn, so maybe this is why he is very sensitive to negative comments about porn stars in general including himself.

Recently Jake drew attention to the fact that some blogs facilitate negative comments on porn stars by not moderating them and allowing people to basically make comments that Jake sees as "super critical, untrue, seething with negativity, and personal, deeply personal."

Jake had said this in response to some to some of the negative comments that were posted in a QueerMeNow story about a scene with Austin Wilde, Anthony Romero and Pierre Fitch. He also went on to say that he was not really upset about the comments made but rather that the blog QMN had allowed these comments to to be posted in the first place.

He said that "If you are a sensitive and responsible human being and you run a blog you should not allow comments to be posted which are personal attacks. The litmus test is this: Only post comments to your blog which you would feel comfortable reading out loud to our faces, in person. You are personally responsible for what is posted on your blog and the effects that those comments have. It speaks volumes about you as a person."

This has lead many bloggers to question what comments should be approved and what comments should they delete? Should all comments made by the people who visit gay blogs be positive? What is considered a negative comment? Then whatever happened to freedom of speech? Should Jake Genesis just chill out and not visit blogs where he knows people will be "negative?" Is Jake Genesis even in the right business?

As a fellow Gaydemon visitor, would you like your comments to be moderated and censored if you did not agree with what the blogger was writing about? It's over to you now - let us hear what ya gotta say!

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