As soon as this site opens you will probably be left breathless by the sheer beauty of your hostess - post-op transexual Donna Rose. What a lovely lady. Medical technology really is a wonder to behold these days as is evident by the images of Donna when she was still a man in 1992 compared to the current images of her now as a woman. Through her journey inside the world of surgery and gender dysphoria, our hostess has discovered a lot of things about herself and the world around her. Please take some time to read the front page text if you take a trip here. You will be given a very indepth perspective of what it's like to be trapped inside a body your soul knows you were not supposed to have. Most of us are quite confused about this most controversial of phenonemons and perhaps Donna can shed some light on some thing for you. Her site is not all deep and dreery by any means. Outined is her life, her true friends, and a personality you will certainly fall in love with. I did. This is a very nice personal site indeed.

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