The guy here getting sucked is Don. He's a guy who made New York Straight Men resident cocksucker Bobby's mouth water - he really wanted to blow Don. Well, when the guys from NYSM talked to Don, they came back with good news for Bobby - while Don considers himself straight, when it comes to sexuality he says that money talks. He doesn't exactly think of himself as gay for pay, but he figures guys really know how to give a blowjob, and who doesn't need a few extra bucks? So Don came back to do a shoot, and Bobby had his way with him.

Bobby loves uncut cocks - well, who doesn't? - and Don has a big one. Bobby had to play with it, runnng his tongue under the foreskin and teasing just the very tip of the head...


But then Don surprised everybody - especially Bobby. He became dominant and demanding, shoving Bobby's head down and filling his mouth with rock hard cock. Bobby likes that kind of rough treatment so he had a great time slurping that piece of meat almost all the way to the root.



Well, Don wanted to be finished off by hand, and Bobby is a man of many talents. He grabbed that cock and really got serious, and before he knew it, Don is spilling his hot, sticky load all over!

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