Dominic Matthews Jacks Off

Dominic Matthews from Cocky Boys is plain studly. Ripped abs, totally toned-out, this hot-looking olive-skinned stud poses at home getting himself all worked up over some straight porn mag. We peek in as his cock crows steadily and he finds a need to play with himself. It grows and grows under his hand as he plays with it almost luxuriously, too natural at this and all too gorgeous for these eyeballs watching him. His hand runs up and down his hot body, fondling his sack and balls, tickling those gorgeous abs and even venturing a hot finger inside his asshole as he heats things up like mad. When he does this, we nearly lose it, because this stud is definitely going for it all, for real. Fingering his ass, his dick gets stretched incredibly hard, the soft skin tense and shiny as his hand runs up and down with increasing passion. Suddenly, Dominic jerks. His balls tighten, his face grimaces and he sends out a geyser of cum all over his red hot tummy. The deliciousness of the picture is made even hotter by his brown skin under makes the color contrast of the pearly-white cum and hos brown skin something gorgeous and pants-altering to behold.

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