Dominic Ford Hits the iBook

Leave it to director Dominic Ford to come up with the industry's first iBook. The technical innovator, who founded the first gay site to release scenes in 3-D and to support streaming video on the iPad, has now published an interactive iBook using Apple's electronic book format. Initially, this new format, which is readable via iBooks 2.0 on the iPad, was being heralded for its revolutionary approach to textbooks, but now...think of the possibilities!

"We have never done much in the way of non-Web publication," Ford says. "This format allows us to experiment with print layouts, but with the added bonus of adding terrific interactivity." Volume I of Inside Dominic Ford offers a personal look at Ford himself and his online work. There are also exclusive photo galleries and video, including a previously unreleased blooper reel of porn stars Matthew Rush and Preston Steel. "I've kept Volume I short to make the download time quick," Ford adds. "If there is interest in future volumes, they might be longer or include even more video in them." The iBook also contains an exclusive promotion to his site and can be downloaded at

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