Dogs With Dudes

You don't have to be a specific lover of Dogs With Shirtless Dudes to appreciate this blog. I mean, it's a bit specific; photos of guys topless with their pet dog in the photos, too. It's cute and homely and not at all naughty. It's just photos of guys with no tops on, and their dogs. I'm not a great dog person so I can't identify all the breeds, but I know the breeds of men that feature here: jocks and surfer guys, couples in dreamy soft-edged images, the guy next door, Mr Muscle, the gym bunny and the lifeguard, the homely guy, the stud in swimwear, the family man and the bodybuilder, they are all here holding their pooches - and pouches.

Who'd have thought there would be so many pics out there of sexy guys with no shirts on playing with their dogs? And who'd have thought that there would be someone with time to spare to find such pics and put them up for us. But there is, and it all makes for a neat little blog with 'ahh' factor, and a bit of a 'woof' factor, too.

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