Nude hunk Chase Hostler  - pic by thomas synnamon.jpg

Chase Hostler may not be a porn star but we have seen fully erect cock shots and gorgeous ass pics of this uber-beefy stud! What we have seen so far tells us that he has the finest ass in the gay universe! This leads us to declare that he could quite possibly have the hottest ass of 2011!

Chase is a model and he has taken pictures with tons of photographers such as Dylan Rosser, Joseph Smileuske and Rick Day. I seriously don't know why he hasn't been scooped up by some porn studio, and turned into the power bottom he is destined to be! I can assure you that with an ass like dat, there would be TONS of hunks running to his back door to suck and tap that situation!

hunky chase hostler - by thomas synnamon

This man is perfection and I want to see more of him, but I would like to see his ass getting pounded by some 9 inch cock rather than "artistic" nudes. Yes, I know I am a slut with a whore-y mind! So now I turn it over to you Gaydemon readers do YOU think Chase Hostler has the hottest ass of 2011? C'mon, let's hear your XXX-pert opinions, please!

(Photo credit: Thomas Synnamon)

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