Does Anyone Care That Malachi Marx is Back? Does Anyone Care That Malachi Marx is Back?

Straight stud Malachi Marx has returned to Randy Blue after a five-year porn retirement. You know what they say about absence making the heart grow fonder -- except in this case, I wish he had stay retired, a distant memory that few of us remembered or missed. Yeah, he's good looking, he has a giant uncut cock, and yes, he's doing his first bareback scene. So what. Around these parts handsome, hung, and bareback are the lay of the land, and guys like Malachi Marx are a dime a dozen. Aren't they?

I wonder when Gay Pornland is going to give its collective head a shake. When are we going to demand more from studios than gay-for-pay studs? Guys who don't have much going for them except looks and a big dick? Malachi Marx was a mainstay at Randy Blue back in 2009 and 2010. He made them buckets of cash, but he also earned loads of dough, and allegedly had guys lining up willing to pay for his private time. Then he tried to retire at the end of 2010, but when the book he was trying to write didn't pan out -- are we really interested in another tell-all book written by an escort? -- he had to slide back in front of the camera for a spell before finally retiring from porn.

So what? Lots of porn performers are escorts, and many are gay-for-pay, but most of them have the sense to keep their mouths shut. Why any gay-for-pay performer would publicly say how much he dislikes gay sex is beyond me. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot. Malachi Marx has mouthed off plenty about not liking what he does, he's clearly in it just for the money, as he told website Dining with Strangers back in 2010 during a long interview. So are you okay watching a guy whose heart isn't in it? Forget about whether he's straight or gay-for-pay, I don't want to watch a gay performer who isn't loving what he's doing. Porn isn't all about hot guys and big dicks, I want to see chemistry. Don't you?

I don't know why Malachi Marx is back filming porn. I don't know if he's still straight or whether he's finally jumped the fence or whether he decide that gay sex isn't that bad -- I don't really care. Do we not deserve more than a guy pretending he likes what he's doing? Are we that desperate? Are we that self loathing that we get all giddy that a straight guy is showing us his big cock? Seriously. I suppose I should give him a chance to tell us that he's had a change of heart or put his foot in his mouth again. But frankly, there are just too many hot men in Gay Pornland -- men who enjoy fucking other men -- so I'll take a pass on Malachi Marx.

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