gay doctor's office sex

Drew Brody has a problem - his 10-inch cock is perpetually hard. So he takes himself off to the doctor's office to see if anything can be done about it. (I know, I know, I don't write this stuff, I just report it.)

Dr. Justin ushers Drew into his office and asks what he can do for Drew today. When Drew explains his problem, the doctor asks him to disrobe. Drew strips out of his clothes and sits back on the examining-room table, and indeed, he's got a 10-inch stiffy. Dr. Justin examines it, but touching it with both hands only makes Drew's monster cock harder.

He knows he shouldn't, but the doctor leans down and starts licking and kissing Drew's huge dick. "Maybe I can make it go away," he says with a smile. Then he starts swallowing inch after inch of this thing. Drew doesn't seem to mind. And after getting some decent head from the doctor, Drew takes matters in hand. He bends the doctor over his own examination table, pulls the doctor's trousers down, and starts inching his formidable meat into the doctor's ass. Once he gets Dr. Justin's ass limbered up, he lies back on the table and the doctor mounts him, impaling himself balls deep on Drew's enormous cock.

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