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Doctor Neil Stevens has been abusing many hot men in his office at Men at Play over the past year. That examination room table of his has seen a lot of action. Today, he's got his final appointment with Lucky Daniels. And Dr. Stevens is flanked by a new training doctor, Billy Berlin. But this time around, Billy, with the help of Lucky, turns the tables on Dr. Stevens and gives him a taste of his own medicine.

Dr. Stevens starts getting up to his old tricks. While Dr. Berlin is examining Lucky, Dr. Stevens is leaning against the wall and pulls out his huge cock and starts jerking it. Then he fingers Lucky's ass and orders Berlin to bend over the table, too. Now the doctor is finger fucking two butt holes. Dr. Stevens slaps Berlin's ass and says, "Your turn." He wants Berlin the finger Lucky's butt hole. But Dr. Berlin says, "What do you think Mr. Daniels, should we try the anal probe on Dr. Stevens?" Berlin and Lucky grab Stevens and bend him over the examination room table. Berlin takes care of the rear while Lucky grabs the doctor's arms and pins him to the table.

While Berlin starts fingering the doctor's butt hole, Lucky helps the doctor relax with some deep kissing. Then Berlin says, "Are you ready for your anal probe, Doctor?" And he rams his hard cock up Steven's butt. Berlin fucks the doctor's ass and eventually Stevens ends up on his back lying across the exam table. Berlin pumps his ass until he's ready to shoot, then the redhead doctor spews a big load all over Steven's cock and balls. Lucky's not far behind and he starts pumping his jizz across the doctor's ripped abs. They leave Dr. Stevens lying on his own table completely covered in spunk. Now that's the way to do an anal exam! Head over to Men at Play and check out the free preview video.

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