Big, small, saggy, tight balls (testicles for all those serious folk out there) really do come in all shapes and sizes but many men think that balls are nothing special and sometimes men go as far as saying that balls are ugly! How dare they?! I mean I love sucking hot sweaty.. wait this is not about me!!

So, what do mean really think about their balls? Well thanks to a parody video (they poke fun at the Dove "Real Beauty Sketches") We get a look at what men think about their saggy companions, they describe them while forensics sketch artist draws a pretty picture! C'mon what gay doesn't like the look of balls?!

So, do you think your sack looks like a "stink bag of old rags?" Well, find out what these men had to say and remember it's never to late to LOVE your balls and suck other guys balls as well, just to make them feel better about themselves!


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