Do Not Try This at Home Do Not Try This at Home

What did we shove up our butts before the iPhone came along? And now that the new "Bigger than Bigger" iPhone 6 is out, there's even more bum fun to be had as these dirty boys demonstrate in this Wurst Film Club video. I'm not sure, but I think sticking an iPhone up your butt nullifies the warranty, even with a condom. It might also get you a trip to the emergency ward where you'll try to explain to the doctor why your butt hole is ringing.

Simon likes his hole play kinky, so after fucking Ivan with his big bare cock, Simon wants to see what else he can get up there. Frankly, I would have been content with his cock, which is kind of thick, but Ivan doesn't complain when Simon stuffs him with a bigger dildo. Then Simon grabs his iPhone and slides that in, and he's not gentle about it. And he even pushes it right inside and waits to see if Ivan's ass is going to pop it back out. And just like an ATM returning your debit card, Simon's iPhone slides out.

Simon rams the lube bottle in there and stretches Ivan's hole good. And it needed to be stretched because next this very accommodating bottom takes Simon's cock along with the dildo. And all kidding aside, this might be fun to watch, but you ought to be careful with the things you try sticking in your bum.

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