disorderly orderlies

If ever you have to check into the psyche hospital, you'd better hope it isn't the Bound Gods Hospital - or maybe you would. Jack Hammer and Scott Alexander are a couple of orderlies who work the midnight shift, and they have the hospital all to themselves. Tonight they're looking for a bit of trouble. And cute, blond Cameron Adams is just the thing they're looking for. Jack bets Scott $20 that he can make Cameron suck his dick.

That's pretty easy money considering Cameron is bound in a straight jacket. Jack earns his $20 pretty quickly, but that's just the beginning. As Jack rams his big, black cock down Cameron's throat, Scott slaps the patient's ass and reddens those tender butt cheeks. These two orderlies put Cameron up on the examination table and play around with some electricity. They laugh as Cameron howls out in pain.

When Scott and Jack decide that they'd like to fuck this blond boy's ass, they want to make sure he's clean. They haul him over to the trough and shove an enema hose up his tight butt hole. Then they restain him down on all fours with his ass sticking up in the air. The two orderlies take turns fucking his hole. When they're done pounding his ass, they spew their loads all over his face. I'm not sure I'd be complaining too much if I were checked into this hospital. This extra devious treatment sounds like it might be better than the medication. Head over to Bound Gods and check out the free preview clip.

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