Dirty Sexy Comics Campaign Dirty Sexy Comics Campaign

Gay men love comics, and have been reading and drawing them since before the Stonewall era. That's why they're celebrated at events like the Bent-Con convention, and why gay porn stars sometimes dress up like superheroes. Now, director and longtime comics fan Robert Chandler wants to produce a documentary that explores the evolution of the genre, the talented men who made it what it is today and how its characters have become role models for the gay community.

"The history of gay erotic comics is the history of the gay rights movement," Chandler writes in his pitch. "It's a story of people who risked everything to express themselves. It's a story of who we are and what we desire. It's a story of rebellion, of artists refusing to conform and doing it with style and beauty."

His film, Dirty Sexy Comics, will focus on the past and present of gay comics and use interviews to profile the giants of the industry, including the artists who keep it alive and thriving (such as Patrick Fillion and Dale Lazarov) and those who are no longer with us. Chandler has created a Kickstarter campaign to raise the needed funds to make the movie. Funding ends Sunday, November 30. To learn more and watch a trailer, click here.

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