Dirty Fighting

I'm sure not getting tired of Naked Kombat. Week after week, they keep bringing on the hot guys and setting them up for some naked fighting on the mats. And sometimes the fighting gets a little dirty. You see, the ultimate prize is at stake here: the loser has to turn his ass over the the winner. And some of these guys are 100% pure top and no one's getting near their fuck holes. While many of the official wrestling rules apply at Naked Kombat, the guys do earn bonus points for some unorthodox moves like grabbing or stroking your opponent's cock, ass or face slapping points, pulling your opponent's jockstrap over his head, exposing your opponent's butt hole, or even getting to finger it. Pretty boy Braxton Bond takes on beefy Cole Ryan in this fighting scene. Cole brings some wrestling and kick-boxing experience, but Braxton pretty much just brings his cocky no nonsense attitude to the mat. And who ends up on their knees with their ass in the air? You'll want to head over to Naked Kombat and check it out.

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