When I got the latest update email from UK Naked Men there were a few guys I could choose from. All were very hot of course as you can't expect anything less from UKNM. But Darren really stuck out to me with his sweat glistening brow and torso and that gorgeous thick cock. I like my men a bit on the dirty side so with Darren being a mechanic and all, how the hell could I resist? He's even got some sexy smears of grease on his undershirt. Rumour has it that he does more than just pose in the shoot. Apparently he shoves a big dildo up his ass. But UKNM have left us to go over the site to see that. For now we'll just watch him get warmed up and greasy.


Tell me that dick isn't inviting as hell. His asshole looks delish as well. I really dig the look of this dude too. He has that certain UK'er profile about him for sure. And the guys from across "The Pond" have always given my cock a stir.


Here he spreads that hole open a little wider. I would say that he's had some experience in the anal sex department. That's good. Perhaps he'd take fist. Now that would be something to behold. A sturdy looking butch dude like him taking a big ol' hand.


I love Darren's build. Nice and tight with superb abs. The way they contour down into his groin to meet his yummy greasy cock. I think I may be dreaming of this guy tonight. I'm really hooked. UK Naked Men continue this scenario for us over at their main headquarters. I do believe I'll go on over there to see Darren take that big dildo. How about you?

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