Dirk Yates.jpgIn news so big, we had to find another country to invade, Channel 1 Releasing has announced the release of their brand spankin' new website - Dirk Yates.com:

"Featuring more than a few good men in and out of uniform, the site includes real-life marine cock, naval seamen's semen and the most anal of army troops in full feature movies, amateur video collections, live show archives and new never-before-seen footage for the ultimate Dirk Yates fan."

For those of you who have taken more than a passing fancy in gay porn - and if you're gay, that would be all of you - Dirk Yates is an icon in the adult entertainment industry. His fame, cemented in 1993 after CNN reported on marines from California's Camp Pendleton who were making *cough* art films for Mr. Yates as part of his "Private Collection" series, only increased when he launched All Worlds Video. The site, which was eventually swallowed hole (yes, pun intended) by Chi Chi LaRue in 2006, continued to produce a unique and well-crafted product that, to this day, is still one of the most recognized brands in the military genre.

As Jason Sechrest, marketing director for Channel 1 Releasing, rightfully notes, Mr. Yates has been responsible for introducing us to some of the biggest (pun still intended) names in gay porn including Barrett Long, Dean Phoenix and, of course, Rick Donovan.

But what is surely one of the biggest surprises in this superlative-laden press release is the cost: $9.95! You read that correctly. For less than ten bucks a month you will be granted access to a virtually unlimited treasure trove of able-bodied military men doing what they do best - flexing their guns and shooting at the enemy. And in this case, as the old saying goes, we have seen the enemy and it us!

Via: DirkYates.com

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