Dick Danger - Titan Men

Earlier this week it was the first animated gay video game. Now Titan Men is weighing in with a queer take on graphic novels. Director Jasun Mark tells GayDemon that his new release, Dick Danger, is like a "comic book come to life." From the highly stylized opening credits and retro soundtrack to the colorful panels that reveal the plot, the film pays tribute to comic books and the geeks who love them.

"I started shooting it about a year and a half ago," Mark says. "I spent months developing the post- production process to give it the visual look and style that had the right end result. After it was shot, I did all the editing, effects, graphics and recoloring." Besides honoring his artistic vision, Mark knew that he was "making a Titan movie, so it still had to look like a Titan movie. After all, we sell hard dick!"

In the film, exclusive Jesse Jackman and Rogan Richards play criminals involved in a scam. Richards is upset about a deal gone wrong, so he uses furry henchman Jackman to suck his uncut cock. Of course this leads to a hard-core ramming. Next, exclusive Hunter Marx is a top cop who gets informant Jake Genesis (remember her!?) to give up some important secrets by blowing and banging him into next week. Finally, Tom Wolfe shows up to save the day as title character Dick Danger. This sexy sleuth rewards sidekick Scott Hunter for delivering a disc by taking control of his throat and ass. All's well that ends well, including a surprise porn star cameo and a "To be continued...?" teaser.

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Dick Danger - Titan Men

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