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Everyone knows what Facebook has been up to the past month, but even though the mega corporation has reversed itself on the policy forcing porn stars and drag queens to use their birth names, another battle rages on. Porn star Dirk Caber is fighting to restore his Facebook fan page, which was unceremoniously shut down last week. His husband, fellow porn star Jesse Jackman, is helping to lead the protest with an online posting. In it, he writes, "Three years ago, my partner Dirk Caber created a Facebook fan page that eventually grew to over 56,000 dedicated followers. He and his fans routinely engaged in intelligent, respectful discussions, not just about the adult film industry but about issues that are important to the entire LGBT community. On September 29, 2014, that thriving community was abruptly and unfairly silenced. That Monday morning, Facebook removed Dirk's fan page without warning, provocation or justification."

Jackman goes on to share how Caber attempted to make an appeal when Facebook said that his page didn't follow its terms of service. But the company would not give him any reason or justification for the suspension. He also says that the real-name policy does not apply as it is for personal profiles and not fan pages. "The level of censorship seen here is extremely troubling," Jackman adds. "If he had violated any policies, shouldn't Facebook have been able to list them?"

The Boston-based porn couple has worked for numerous studios over the past few years, including Titan Men, COLT Studio Group and Men. So far, the petition has received more than 900 supporters. To help Dirk restore his fan page, click here.

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