dillon buck

Dillon Buck is back on Butch Dixon this week. And that's a very good thing. I never tired of looking at this stud's 9.5-inch cock. I love it when Butch Dixon gets in close with his camera. I mean look at that middle picture of Dillon Buck's huge dick. Ouch! And foreskin! Yum!

Quite often when I go to the baths, there's a guy who is as well-hung as Dillon Buck. He sits in the theatre area and watches porn and jerks off. And the thing about this theatre area is that it's at the intersection of all the hallways, a sort of town square inside the bathhouse. So eventually everyone passes through. And when this guy is jerking his 9-inch cock, he gathers quite a crowd.

Dillon Buck is always a big hit when he shows up on Butch Dixon. He's handsome, wears a sexy beard, and has a rock-solid body covered in fur. And who doesn't love seeing a 9-inch cock sliding into a tight butt hole? Head over to Butch Dixon and you'll see more than a couple of hot fuck scenes with this well-hung hunk.

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