Airplane Dildo

Are you a busy porn star on the go? Flying out to visit a high-paying client at some far-flung location? Perhaps he's requesting that you bring along some of your favorite sex toys to heighten his enjoyment. Well, The New York Post says that you better be extra careful as you're packing, because airport security screeners regularly go through bags to search for penis replacements. The daily rag reports that according to Transportation Security Administration (TSA) rules, dildos and vibrators are fine as carry-on items, but they must be less than seven inches long (what fun is that!?). Lubricants such as Spunk and Astroglide can also be carried on, but they must be in containers holding less than 3.4 ounces. But for kinkier customers, your handcuffs, whips, chains and floggers should be packed in checked baggage. The TSA acknowledges that there's nothing illegal about traveling with sex toys. Just beware: Your prized playthings might be subjected to the peering eyes and grubby hands of horny screeners!

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