Dildo Fucking

Leo gets all of my cylinders firing. He's a 31-year-old, good-looking, German guy. And what a hot man. I have a thing about unique facial hair and Leo has trails of hair following his jawline until they line his face with thin sideburns. He's sporting a little scruff on his chin and a short moustache. And all that facial hair does one thing: it draws your attention to his beautiful, full, kissable lips. Leo is feeling horny and jumps in the shower with his glass dildo. His naked body is lean, smooth, and he's sporting a couple of tattoos. His cock is deliciously big and uncut. He's got a nice, meaty cock that any cock sucker would be happy to suck soft. And his foreskin completely covers his cock head, meaning that you'll have to nibble and suck your way to the prize. Once Leo gets lathered up, he grabs his dildo and slides it into his fuck hole. Leo jumps out of the shower and sits on the toilet. Leaning back on the closed lid, he fucks his ass with the dildo and jacks his big uncut cock. He teases his butt hole until he finally sprays a huge load of cum all over his belly. His hard cock looks delicious glistening with cum.

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